At Team Up Events, we truly believe in the positive benefits Team Building can deliver for New Zealand businesses and this is why we take the contribution we make to your team seriously. Through Team Building we hope to transfer that energy to your team so they contribute to your workplace goals and develop a positive, productive, and happy culture for your business.

Interactive Fun

There is no better way to invigorate your team than promoting fun in the workplace. Boost morale and energize your team with exciting interactive activities that encourage cooperation and create memorable bonding experiences – and have a blast doing it!

Friendly Competition

Fuel your team’s competitive streak and desire to come out on top! Inspire greatness and encourage participation by promoting a little friendly competition, motivating your colleagues to push themselves to improve their performance and reach their true potential.

Improve Team Dynamic

Revitalize your team dynamic by offering challenging experiences designed to strengthen and create a cohesive team. Infuse your team with a positive winning attitude to inspire them to work together as a unit and maximize performance to achieve ultimate success.

Community Engagement

Get your team involved! Engage in community outreach to promote a culture of responsibility and commitment and invest in your community’s well-being. Provide your team with a sense of purpose and increase team unity and morale while having a positive impact on your community.

Challenge Problem Solving

Tackle challenges head on as a team using proven strategies to identify and analyse all types of problems. Explore potential answers through open discussions where everyone has a voice to add their diverse perspectives to the mix, bringing about the most creative and innovative solutions.

Stimulate Creative Thinking

Spark your team’s creativity and let the ideas flow in an open, positive environment. Be ready to adapt to new ways of thinking and promote flexibility among your team. Let great ideas take shape and lead you to the future of innovation!

Breakdown Silo Mentality

Extinguish silo mentality and light the fuse of collaboration amongst your staff. Open the lines of communication to create a dynamite team that is connected and free to exchange ideas, together working to take your organisation to new heights.

Discover Collaboration

Motivate your team to use their most valuable resource - each other! Excite your employees at the prospect of working together and utilizing each other’s complementary strengths to complete tasks more efficiently. Ignite creativity and ingenuity by collaboration, brainstorming new ideas and solutions to make a shared vision become reality.

Promote Strategic Thinking

Develop a strong team of proactive individuals that use strategic thinking to create long term success. Empower your staff by handing them the tools to create achievable goals, execute well-defined action plans, and target key criteria such as timelines and resource management. Create forward thinking staff with vision for a sustainable future!

Cross Functional Communication

Encourage your team to look beyond individual roles and appreciate the value of each member’s unique strengths and contributions. Enhance communication between all levels and departments and unite your team in a common purpose to attain success in reaching the team’s goals.

Project Planning & Management

Enhance your skill set by learning how to effectively plan and manage a challenging project, developing the ability to multitask and meet deadlines and requirements using available resources. Embrace the benefits of effective collaboration in a cohesive team and utilise your newfound skills to lead your project to success!

Key Messaging

Deliver a mission statement for your business that clearly communicates your company’s values and resonates. Engage your staff in creating a strong theme that embodies the spirit of your brand and imparts a message that your team can be inspired by and proud to stand behind.
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