At Team Up Events, we truly believe in the positive benefits Team Building can deliver for New Zealand businesses and this is why we take the contribution we make to your team seriously. Through Team Building we hope to transfer that energy to your team so they contribute to your work place goals and develop a positive, productive, and happy culture for your business.

How do we do this? We start by learning about your business, your team, and your goals – just as there isn’t the perfect tool for every job, there isn’t the perfect team building programme for every business. With this knowledge, a tailored approach can be taken to the design of a Team Building programme specific to your business. World Class Team Building will foster interpersonal bonds which in turn develops an environment that will enable your people to build trust and grow together – as a team!

And that is our contribution to your business when you work with Team Up Events. We help you grow. We help you grow in the biggest ways but especially in the smallest ways. We foster the growth of relationships, efficiency, and success for your company. When you grow, we grow, and that’s why we will make a positive contribution to your team and their goals.

Our Mission

Our Mission declares our purpose and serves as the standard which we uphold and maintain as a Team and Company:

"Our Mission is to work personally with our clients to deliver tailored events which not only meet their specific objectives, but also exceed their expectations. We aim to create value through inspiring moments of togetherness, unity, and teamwork, so that participants understand and appreciate their individual importance and collective value to the organisation

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the framework for our mission and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

Our Vision is to be recognised as the market leader through our personable, professional, and innovative approach to delivering team events. Through developing strong industry relationships and placing the needs of our clients first, we will establish a reputation built upon quality events with a personal touch.

So now you’re getting to know About Us – the next time you stop by one of our offices you’ll be more than welcome to join us for morning tea with the ice already broken! If you would like more information About Us, call us! We don’t bite and we’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can make a positive impact on your team through our range of world class Team Building events!

Our People

Our Values

Up Front

No hidden surprises, our team are committed to being upfront and transparent from start to finish – what we say, we do!

Up Beat

We bring the positivity, our team will set the mood and scene for your event with our endless amounts of enthusiasm and passion for what we do!

Up Skill

Inspiring your team, our events are designed to challenge and inspire, providing the opportunity for your staff and team to reach new heights and develop new skills!

Up Grade

Staying ahead of the pack, our team are dedicated to constantly reviewing and improving our range of services to continually exceed expectations.

Up Hold

The ultimate professionals, our team are committed to upholding professional standards and practices to deliver the perfect event every time.

Up Lift

Committed to positively contributing to our communities. Not only do we link clients with community organisations but also make a genuine difference as a team and company to uplift our community.

Our Network

Team Up Events is proud to partner with Catalyst Global to bring World-Class Team Building programmes and experiences to New Zealand Businesses and workplace teams. As the NZ partner to Catalyst Global, Team Up Events has exclusive access to a wide range of innovative and leading edge events that are internationally proven around the world.

Catalyst Global – excellence in Team Building

As the largest Team Building network in the world with 36 companies operating in over 74 regions, Catalyst Global are the originators of Corporate Team Building. Catalyst Global and its partners share a vision of growing a powerful alliance of the world’s leading Team Building companies to deliver excellence in Team Building.

Visit catalyst

We are delighted to have Team Up Events as the exclusive New Zealand Partner to Catalyst Global. They are a valued member of our network and embody the ethos of Catalyst Global – Excellence in Team Building!

Guy Baker CEO Catalyst Global

What does it mean for you that Team Up Events partners with a global Team Building network?

Team Building Excellence

Team Up Events upholds and maintains internationally proven best practices and standards in the field of Team Building. Through ongoing training and collaboration with our network partners, we are at the forefront of the Team Building industry globally keeping our finger on the pulse when it comes to current and future trends.

Global Delivery

With global collaboration and local delivery, Team Up Events can quote, plan, deliver, and guarantee the quality of Team Building events almost anywhere in the world for your organisation. Through the power of the network, product prices remain competitive and Catalyst Team Building activities remain the best in the market in terms of delivery and results.

New Product Development

Through Our Network we have access to the latest in innovative and leading edge, internationally proven team building programmes from around the world. This means we can bring these events to your business or workplace right here in New Zealand – world-class Team Building on your doorstep. It is by these means that we ensure we maintain our relevance and dominance of the Team Building market in New Zealand.

Power of the Network

With 36 partners operating in over 74 regions around the world we have a lot of collective experience and expertise in the team building industry to call on. Through daily collaboration with our partners, we discuss and share information on a range of subjects including event delivery techniques, new product development, global trends, and much more. This serves to further reinforce our position as the market leader in the field of Team Building in New Zealand.

Our Benefits

Our Benefits – Team Up Events Team Building programmes make your team better at being, well, a team. By fostering camaraderie, trust and inclusiveness, your workspace will become more efficient, productive, and an overall better place to work. Communication, between peers, co-workers, management, or just people in general, is the key to building and maintaining a more cohesive and trusting team. We can help.

We help your team grow. Whether you want to be more productive, and efficient, or just want to have a more nurturing team environment, Team Up Team Building programmes help you and your team grow into exactly what you know you can be. And these are Our Benefits!

All of our events are designed to create moments of togetherness, unity, and teamwork so that staff understand and appreciate their individual importance and collective value to your organisation. However, specific events have specific Learning Outcomes. As we always say, ‘there isn’t the perfect tool for every job just like there isn’t the perfect event for every team’! For every Team Up Event, we identify the top 3 learning outcomes specific to the programme to help recommend the right event for your team specific to your objectives.

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“We had so much fun! Taskmaster was the perfect mix of wacky tasks, friendly competition and good old fashioned team bonding. The energy and engagement throughout the event was awesome. We would have no hesitations in recommending Team Up Events for your next conference activity”


Our Clients

Of course, we have a passion for delivering world-class Team Building events to New Zealand businesses, but the most rewarding thing about what we do is when our clients share their Team Up experiences and the impact we have had on their business.

From multi-nationals to small businesses, from Paihia to Invercargill, we have worked with businesses across all industries and with teams of all shapes and sizes – all with the objective of challenging and inspiring staff to work together to achieve their organisational goals. While we could talk for hours about the benefits of choosing to Team Up with us, we think Our Clients say it best:

“Beat the Box was an awesome team activity! It really got the team fired up and showed them that they all had to come together and work as a team in order to beat the box. I can still hear the beating of the timer countdown now! Thanks Team Up Events”

Cerebos Greggs

“We had so much fun! Taskmaster was the perfect mix of wacky tasks, friendly competition and good old fashioned team bonding. The energy and engagement throughout the event was awesome. We would have no hesitations in recommending Team Up Events for your next conference activity”


“Our team had such a great time – it definitely bought out the competitive nature in some! Stu was a fantastic MC and the photos provided from the event were a nice touch. Steph was pleasant to deal with pre-event and we will keep Team Up Events at the top of our minds for future events”

Kiwi Property Management

“The Big Picture was a fantastic event which positively engaged all of our staff from start to finish. Expertly planned and facilitated by Team Up Events, the end product far exceeded our expectations and really showed what can be achieved when all parts of the team are pulling in the same direction. We cannot recommend Team Up Events and The Big Picture highly enough if your are looking for a professional, innovative, and collaborative event for your team”

Reckitt Benckiser NZ

Our Community

At Team Up Events we are very fortunate to connect a number of our clients with community organisations and giving through our range of socially responsible Team Building programmes and events. However, for our team, and as a NZ owned and operated business, we also believe in the importance of connecting with and having a positive impact on Our Community.

Making a genuine difference

Team Up Events is proud to be associated with Business for Good (B1G1) as a Lifetime Partner. B1G1 gives businesses around the world the power to change lives through the ‘Power of Small’. B1G1 is a Social Enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world that’s full of giving. Unlike conventional giving models, B1G1 helps businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities in their everyday business operations to create unique Giving Stories. Every business transaction (and as a result, your everyday activity) can impact lives from as little as just 1 cent.


Team Up Events is proud to join over 1,300 businesses around the world as a member and contributor to B1G1, incorporating charitable giving into every event that we deliver as an organisation throughout NZ. We truly believe that every business no matter how big or small can change our world when we come together through the sense of giving and caring. Belonging to B1G1 puts the ‘WHY’ back into businesses and brings back a sense of greater meaning and purpose for everyone at Team Up Events and hopefully for our clients as well.
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"Thank you so much to Sam, Eli and the team. Everyone had the best time and the facilitators were fantastic. I will definitely recommend you guys as it was such a fun filled experience for everyone. The communication was awesome from the time I reached out to the actual day. A day our team will talk about in years to come. Thank you so much to everyone who facilitated this day to be such a success!!!"

Vitaco Health
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