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Peak Performance | Remote

Can you conquer the Summit?

Team Up Events Peak Performance

Peak Performance Remote! Take on the role of Expedition Leader in an emotionally gripping expedition to summit Mt Everest. Manage resources, monitor conditions, and ultimately guide your team to the top and safely back down! Now available as an online remote based team engagement event!

Peak Performance – Remote

In Peak Performance Remote teams manage resources and monitor conditions as they instruct their guides up Mount Everest to the summit and return to base camp over a multi day expedition. When paralleled to real business world circumstances participants are able to make effective behavioral changes by understanding and accepting the implications of their choices. 

Facilitated over video conferencing platforms, with breakout rooms for team communication, and access to our online web based game portal, this remote team engagement program is unrivalled when it comes to connecting your team and empowering learning outcomes such as communication, collaboration, and remote team work!

This gripping expedition is now made available for remote teams online! The same amazing event experience fully facilitated and played in teams. To find out more contact us today!

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Project Planning & Management
  • Promotes Strategic Thinking
  • Improve Team Dynamic

“The event we chose linked really well to the principles of our workplace direction, i.e. moving towards a team-based operating model. It was great to see teams self-managing and supporting each other and collaborating together as a whole to complete the game. Staff feedback about the activity was positive – they appreciated the activity relating back to what we are working on as an organisation. Mission accomplished – thanks to Team Up Events!” 

– Enable NZ