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DiSC Workshops | Remote

Unlock the potential of your team

Remote Team Building

Incorporating a range of informative and interactive seminars and activities, your team will develop an understanding and appreciation for different behavioural styles and how they can work together more effectively. 

DiSC Workshops Remote

DiSC Workshops are facilitated via video conference platforms with the use of breakout rooms to encourage group participation and engagement. Ranging from 1-3 hours in duration, workshops aim to:

  • Develop an understanding of different Behavioral Styles
  • Identify ways to communicate more effectively within a team environment
  • Discusses the utilisation of individual and team strengths to develop more efficient team work & effective team performance
  • Highlight Team Dynamics, Team Strengths, and Areas for Development 

Tailored to the needs of your Team

We aim to help you understand how information about people can generate business value for your organisation. In order to do this we service each client with individuality and tailor our workshops to meet your needs and deliver upon your objectives  

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“We contacted Team Up Events to help us with some remote workshops we were running to develop a high performing team of new leaders. We wanted our new team to understand themselves and their colleagues better, appreciate how they could improve communication between them and their own team members and finally we wanted them to have some fun seeing it in action! Team Up Events delivered the goods with a remote DiSC profile session at the start of the week and virtual The Infinite Loop activity later on- the teams loved it!!”