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Energise Your Team!

Refresh, motivate, invigorate!

What’s the best way to get to know a group of people? Well, we’re not going to just give it away, that’s what you pay us for. But if what you need is to snap a group of people out of boredom, get them acquainted, or give them a quick shot of motivation, our Energisers and Ice Breakers will do just that.

Energisers And Ice Breakers – Refresh, motivate, & invigorate!

Designed to work with 5 minutes of spare time or 45 devoted minutes, Team Up Events Energisers and Ice Breakers will get your entire team out of their chairs and ready to go.

Designed to re-energise and motivate your delegates, our range of energisers and icebreakers include activities which can improve thought patterns, relieve drowsiness, and provide a refreshing, motivating, and invigorating experience for all participants.

And what we said before about not telling you the secret to getting to know a group of people? We will. It’s probably in the side bar anyway.

Bring your next conference or event to life with a Team Up Events Energisers and Icebreakers by contacting our team today on 0800 TEAM UP!

We used the services of Team Up Events for our conference opening activity. They delivered a programme called “Boom Time” which was an activity choreographed to music. The event was well run, high energy and Stu was a fantastic facilitator. It woke everyone up, set the energy level for our conference, was a great coordination and team work activity and a lot of fun!

– Office Products Depot