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Need for Speed | Business Games

Review, revise, and find the Need for Speed

Bring Top Gear to the Table Top! Need for Speed is a time and motion study in miniature. A frenetic table-based intervention that actively encourages participants to review, assess, and ultimately improve performance.

Need for Speed – Review, Revise, & Improve Performance

Faced with a jumble of model components, teams must switch into overdrive to assemble a range of ‘snap together’ concept cars in record time. Along the way, teams will be challenged to identify strategy, implement process improvement, and ultimately achieve the Need for Speed in this competitive collaborative indoor event.

A fast-paced business game that is a great platform to ignite discussion within a context of practical fun. The uber cool design and tactile nature of the car models are guaranteed to bring out the inner child in all who take part.

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Promote Strategic Thinking
  • Break Down Silo Mentality
  • Cross Functional Communication

“Joanna and the team were just amazing to deal with from the beginning. They presented a few different very good ideas. All of them were very well suited with the theme. They were also very accommodating with any requests we had. Everyone had a blast so thank you for all your help”

– Mighty River Power


Team Up Need for Speed