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Business Games

Incorporate fun into the Theory!

Business. It’s serious stuff. But we offer a fun alternative so you can develop a specific business focus for your company with Business Games, so it doesn’t have to be all serious. So maybe it’s serious business focus fun Team Building … stuff.

What we lack in word-y-ness, we make up for with our Business Games Team Building Programmes, designed to help your team with their specific and unique goals. These programmes, tailored to fit the needs of your team and your workplace, provide a challenging scenario that is relatable and pertinent to every day life in your office.

Business Games – Incorporate theory into the fun!

Business Games let you decide what is important to your work place and to your workers. Some focus on decision making or division of roles, while others focus on leadership qualities and customer experience. If you want your team to develop better chemistry, we’re on it. If you want negotiation and communication to be at the front of your team’s mind, not a problem. If you want your team to be a nationally ranked rugby team, well, you’re on your own.

What we can do is learn from you and your people to develop a programme that is not only fun, engaging and innovative, but also as unique as your company.

Think of it like this: sometimes you need a tune-up, and other times just to change the headlight. There isn’t the perfect tool for every job, just like there isn’t a perfect programme for every team. Our Business Games let us give you the right tool for the right job.

To discuss our range of Business Games and how we can make them work best for your team contact Team Up Events today.


‘Thank you to you all and your associated team for the outstanding manner in which you were master and commander of your respective area that made the 2015 RBNZ national conference “Charting a new course” such a huge success. I look forward to planning and getting ready for our 2016 conference “ From Good to Great” with you very soon. Again my sincere gratitude to you all for such a magnificently organised, presented and executed conference”

– Restaurant Brands NZ