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Teaming Up with Joanna

Team Up Events

Teaming Up with Joanna! Our Sales and Event Manager Joanna Hall joined Team Up Events in 2015 and quickly became an integral part of our team. Working closely with clients across the country to find the best programme recommendations and options to meet their needs, Joanna firmly has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends and how to get the most out of your next Team Event. We caught up with Joanna to hear her top tips for organising your next team event!

Teaming Up with Joanna

Team Up

Firstly, what’s it like working for a company, which specialises in Team Culture and Team Building?

It’s inspiring! Because helping staff appreciate their individual roles within their teams and their organisations is what we think about day in-day out, and we get to witness the difference it makes! It’s a daily reminder of the power of a good team culture and the importance behind valuing your employees and co-workers. It’s very rewarding to see the impact our events have on organisations looking to positively affect their workplace culture, especially with our large number of repeat clients where we can watch their teams develop!

As a team internally we make a strong effort to have fun together, whether its enjoying some good food and beverages or activities together, exercising together or just simply good banter on the group chat, its so important to be able to appreciate your team members and their personalities outside of the work environment as that’s what makes team work so special.

When it comes to organising a team event, how can organisers ensure they get maximum value and benefit from the activity?

It’s so important to choose an event that your team will respond well to and that will deliver upon your objectives, this will ensure that you gain the maximum value from the experience. To do this, we are your best guides to ensure this match-up happens.

During the enquiry process, give us as much information as you can about your team (demographic, personalities etc) and clearly identify what you are hoping to achieve from the event (learning outcomes or purpose for the event). Basically just information download anything you can think of to give us a better insight into your team, how they work currently, and how you would like to see them working in the future.

From there, any information about logistics will help us further narrow down what will best serve your team and we can then recommend what we think is the best fit that ticks your boxes and will deliver real benefits for you organisation! We are your best resource, so pick our brains and don’t be afraid to tell us what you need!

What makes a great team event in your opinion / experience?

A great team event is one that your team has great fun doing, but also delivers on some really solid learning outcomes and objectives for your group. That said, there are a few other key things that go on in the background that round out the whole picture.

How the Lead Facilitator relates to the group is hugely important, so you need an experienced Lead Facilitator who can read the group, keep them engaged, and help guide the team towards achieving the learning outcomes of the event. We are lucky at Team Up Events to have the best in the business when it comes to facilitators, and our MD Stu Robertson is widely regarded as NZ’s premier and most experienced Team Building Facilitator!

The event structure itself needs to be designed to flow well for both the logistics of your day and the unique requirements of your organisation/team. High quality equipment and attention to detail with the little things also is something that sticks in the participants mind particularly if its not there! As the NZ partner to the Catalyst Global Team Building Network, we have exclusive access to a range of innovative, cutting edge, and internationally proven team events which tick all the boxes in this regard.

Great background staff are important (cough cough me!), but in all seriousness this makes a huge difference when everything is taken care of and your pre, during and post event needs are met. It also means that as the event organizer you can relax and either take part in the event, or enjoy observing your group at play!

Having a Wet Weather Plan in place if you’ve booked an outdoor event, knowing you’re provider has covered Health & Safety with Risk Assessments, and ensuring Liability Insurance is in place are all little aspects that sound like minor details that you might not notice during the actual event, but really its all these little parts coming together that makes for a seamless experience that your participants will enjoy and your organisation will benefit the most from!

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