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Where Does Your Team Sit on the Team Building Timeline?

Where Does Your Team Sit on the Team Building Timeline? Team building has continuously evolved over the course of human history. With this useful infographic created by our Catalyst Global Partners from India D’Frens, we can visualize humanity’s progression in team building – from early involuntary team activities necessary for survival, to competitive group events that succeeded on the individual strengths of its best members, to modern team building where the focus is on teamwork, unity, inclusiveness, and improving engagement.

Some organizations are still using types of team building activities that are better left in the past. Is your team keeping up with the times or are you stuck doing things the old way?
Where does your team fall on the team building timeline?


At the dawn of human history, teams of prehistoric hunters were created out of necessity in order to hunt for food. It was dangerous work, and they had to rely on each other in order to stay alive.

Is your team stuck in the Stone Age?

Your activity isn’t inclusive of the whole team; only the ones that have specific skills are allowed to join. The objective isn’t to have fun but is based on a need to get a particular job done, and team members need to work closely together to make it to the end.

1000 A.D.

In early modern times, groups of slaves were forced onto the galleys of ships to row across the ocean for hours, days, and weeks on end so that explorers could search for new lands.

Team Building Timeline

Is your team trapped in the Viking Era?

Team activities are unexciting events where everyone is forced to participate. Since members are interchangeable and aren’t given a choice, they aren’t engaged or invested in the outcome and your team suffers. Everyone is doing the same thing over and over at the same time, so interaction is minimal.


Team bonding activities in the 1950s consisted of participating in leisure sports such as bowling, billiards, darts, and ping pong.

Is your team fixed in the ‘50s?

Your activity is a fun way to hang out together, but promotes the spirit of competition rather than cooperation or collaboration. Only those that are skilled in the activity will be successful and celebrated, which may lead to feelings of inadequacy and jealousy in their teammates. Team members with strengths in other areas aren’t given a chance to shine.


In this decade, teams participated in high adrenaline adventure sports like zip-lining, white water rafting, and bungee jumping to bond together in an exhilarating shared experience.

Is your team suspended in the ‘70s?

Your team building activity is based on a follow the leader approach, rather than being constructed in a way that lets your team work together to solve problems. Although you’re experiencing the event as a group and sometimes working together as a coordinated team, the primary focus of the activity is conquering fears and individual improvement.


Activities like paintball, audience games, and team sports were staples of 1990s team bonding games, where the focus was on the group having a good time.

Has your team never left the ‘90s?

You’re all about your team having fun and bonding with each other. Unfortunately, your activities aren’t inclusive of all and may not be engaging for everyone because they are more physical than intellectually stimulating. Overall, the experience is cheaply executed and underwhelming, and only marginally brings your team closer together.

Modern Day

Team building events in the modern era include indoor and outdoor events, business simulations, community outreach, and creative and energising hands-on group activities.

Is your team building activity relevant in the modern workforce?

Your team building activities are unique, current, and appealing to your team. You choose fun based, interactive activities targeting the skills or objectives your team needs to work on, ensuring that they are specially tailored to positively benefit the team as a whole. The focus is on increasing engagement, productivity, teamwork, collaboration, and promoting a sense of oneness among your team with a high quality event. The brain boosting, challenging activities excite your team, inspiring them to work together to find creative solutions to reach their goals and achieve ultimate success.

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