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5 Random Acts of Kindness to Improve Team Culture

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5 Random Acts of Kindness to Improve Team Culture. We spend so much of our lives at work that it is important for our own happiness, and for others around us, that we enjoy going in each day. Building and fostering an environment in which people feel comfortable and want to come to work is the key, leading to better collaboration and higher productivity. You want to create a team culture in which people work well together and support each other. A place where everyone feels valued and engaged.

One great way to improve team culture is to incorporate random acts of kindness into the workplace. We often think about performing small acts of kindness for strangers, but we tend to overlook the people we see every day and may not know very well – the people we work with. A random act of kindness is carrying out a small, thoughtful deed to spread a little light and happiness without expecting anything in return. It’s best when done out of the blue as a nice surprise for someone to lift their spirits.

5 Random Acts of Kindness to Improve Team Culture

Random acts of kindness at the workplace have numerous benefits for your team culture. They are excellent ways to motivate and inspire your employees; improving positivity, consideration, and compassion among colleagues. A random act of kindness reduces stress and keeps people energized and fresh, breaking up the monotony of the day to day routine. And it’s contagious! If one person receives an act of kindness and feels happier and more valued, they may feel more generous and grateful and more inclined to pass on that feeling to others. Below we’ve outlined 5 random acts of kindness to improve team culture in the workplace – and its really easy to do.

1. Take the time

The best way to show someone that they are important and they matter is to give them something of yours that can never be replaced, the most precious commodity you have – your time. Take the time to forge a personal connection with others by learning their names, saying hello, smiling, and remembering small details about their lives and you will make people feel like they’re a valued part of the team. Talk to the new person and help them feel like they belong; it could make a world of difference to someone during the stressful transition of starting a new job. Take a moment to stop and ask a colleague how they’re doing, and actually listen to the answer. If you treat your employees and co-workers like people, listening and letting them feel heard, they will feel respected and appreciated and inspired to work harder.

2. Give praise

Random acts of kindness can be positive words given out freely. Acknowledge the little wins. Give praise when you catch someone doing something well. It won’t cost you anything and it can motivate people to keep reaching for that same level of success. Recognize those who go above and beyond to get the job done, those who deliver every time, and those who have improved. Congratulate them on their successes! Sending positive words and giving constant encouragement to staff through emails, texts, little notes, or in person is also an excellent way to pump up your staff and make them feel appreciated. Have each person on staff say something positive about another team member – focusing on each other’s strengths will build stronger relationships and boost morale amongst your team.

3. Stand up for others

Sometimes a random act of kindness is taking a small step to discourage negativity. You can do this by standing up for others at work. Halt gossip in its tracks. Put an end to a rumour. You don’t have to participate in the cyclic, toxic culture of talking behind people’s backs. Use your voice and speak up for someone who is being marginalized or made fun of, someone who may not be able to do it for themselves. People who feel supported and not alone will have more confidence and be better able to advocate for themselves, and may even pay it forward by doing it for someone else. Your small act of kindness can make all the difference in promoting a more positive environment for everyone.

4. Make a small gesture

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to impart a small gesture of kindness. Do something nice for a colleague by buying them a coffee. Bring a treat for someone you don’t get along with. Remember your co-workers’ birthdays and do something special for them to celebrate. When someone in the office is going through a rough time, leave flowers or a card on their desk to show them that you’re thinking of them. Lend a hand when someone is struggling on a project or wants to leave early. Whether you let your colleague know who surprised them or you keep it anonymous is up to you!

5. Give back to the community

In 2013, LinkedIn organised their first Random Acts of Kindness challenge and sent teams of four employees out into the community with $100 each to commit random acts of kindness as they saw fit. The employees were so moved by the experience of spreading joy to others that some went above and beyond, reaching into their own pockets to keep the love going. Giving your employees the opportunity to spread joy in their community, to feel good without getting something in return, will be a bonding experience that will help bring your team closer together as they share in the experience of helping others.

Random acts of kindness are best when they are spontaneous. Don’t overthink it. Just feel the joy and do something that you think will make a colleague smile. It doesn’t need to be something big, expensive, or showy.

Just make it from the heart.

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