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Simple Machines come to life in Chain Reaction

Team Up Events Chain Reaction

Simple Machines come to life in Chain Reaction. Tasked with delivering an event which provided a collaborative outcome, inspired creativity, and allowed participants to be “hands on” we sprang into life to deliver Chain Reaction for the team from Hydraulink!

In Chain Reaction, participants are challenged to create a series of complex machines and contraptions. The end objective results in the development of a common vision, a shared goal, and ultimately a series of cascading inventions!

Set at the iconic Hagley Oval, the team from Hydraulink were provided with limited resources, assigned specific positions in the chain, and then given a time limit to bring their reaction to life. A hive of activity resulted with participants brainstorming connections, devising elaborate reactions, and working collaboratively to realise the shared vision and goal at hand.

With the added twist of incorporating Hydraulink specific product such as Hose and Connections into the event, there was a lengthy process of trial and error to refine initial designs and innovate new ways of achieving the set objectives. With each group needing to maintain momentum from one table to the next before finally removing a drop cloth to reveal the key conference message, there was significant pressure to limit the number of  breaks in the chain.

As the clock ticked down it was now time for the final test – spanning over 8 tables the reaction kicked into gear creating an elaborate Domino effect. The group measured their success by the number of human interventions required to assist the reaction and achieve the end goal of revealing the key conference message (set earlier in the day by the group as a whole). The final reaction revealed the importance of planning, collaboration, communication, and of course the power of working together!

“Chain reaction… just as it sounds. We phoned Team Up Events for team building ideas for our recent technicians conference and I’m pleased to say the “Chain Reaction” just happened from there. We chose this event to challenge our mainly hands on technicians, from there the Team Up Events team took care of everything. Team Up Events were very easy to work with and basically turned up and just made it happen. Our technicians enjoyed the opportunity to work as part of a large team, many discussions followed for the next few days.”

– Hydraulink

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