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Flat Out Pyramids Team Building

Team Building NZ

Flat Out Pyramids Team Building. The team from Te Wananga O Aotearoa came together as one to build NZ’s first Flat Out Pyramid recently in a collaborative team building event with a difference!

Flat Out Pyramids is a uniquely innovative and fun team building activity where teams are presented with tools and detailed construction plans, then challenged to turn a ‘flat-pack’ cardboard kit into a series of mini pyramids and octahedrons. From here the group must then work together collaboratively to strategically assemble all of the cardboard shapes to create their very own giant cardboard Pyramid – a bit like a life size 3D jig saw puzzle!

With Wintec House providing the perfect venue for the event, the team from Te Wananga O Aotearoa arrived into the Bill Gallagher conference room with little to no idea of what was about to take place. Neatly stacked piles of cardboard and team tool boxes revealed very little about the challenge that lay ahead.

Team Up Events Facilitators welcomed the group and delivered several ice breaker activities to set the tone for the day and work the group into the right frame of mind – embracing the concept of no emails, phone calls, or other work place distractions for the next 3 hours – pure bliss!

From here the brief was delivered and the group split into 4 teams, the first challenge was to draw, cut out, and tape together 4 cardboard templates that would form a small pyramid. With rulers, pencils, hacksaws, and sheets of cardboard at the ready, the event began at a frantic pace! The overriding directive from the Team Up Facilitators was around the need to maintain accuracy and ensure everyone understood how dependent each team was on the next to make sure that the pyramids were built to exact specifications – any deviations could affect the end product when it comes to the Giant Pyramid Assembly.

As the 11 mini Pyramids were completed (after only a few corrections and “second” attempts), the 4 teams now combined into 2 and began the second phase of the programme – creating 4 Octahedrons. Again the process of interpreting plans, creating templates, cutting to measurement, and then accurately folding and assembling the cardboard templates together to create unique Octahedrons took place.

With a series of cardboard Pyramids and Octahedrons scattered around the room, anticipation began to heighten as the participants could sense the scale of their creation. The next challenge was to apply stickers to the individual pieces to create a branded face for their Pyramid and coincidently give some clues as to the key message for their Team Building Event.

The final challenge now saw all teams work together as one to assemble their 3 Layer Pyramid through a trial and error process, not only fitting the shapes together but also piecing together the “faces” to reveal their organisation logo and key team building message of “One Team”. As the pieces came together and the Pyramid took shape revealing itself for all to see, what had begun as a fun filled afternoon now delivered a powerful message for all team members to reflect on – who would of thought you could turn 4 piles of flat card board into a giant 3 Level Pyramid!

“High five for the Team Up Events team who provide quality team building activity services for us. You hit the mark. Thanks for the great time.”

– Te Wananga O Aotearoa

Flat Out Pyramids Team Building is an exclusive Team Event available only through the Catalyst Global Team Building Network, Team Up Events is the exclusive accredited Catalyst Global Licence holder for New Zealand.

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Team Building NZ

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Team Building NZ