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Bean Around The World | Business Games

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Remember when there were just two kinds of coffee … black or white? With Bean Around the World teams play the part of coffee traders in providing the supply chain from producer to outlet and finally to the ever-fickle consumer.

Bean Around the World – dynamic business strategy

This competitive business game will capture the essence of new economy and focuses on such issues as short-term success versus long-term strategy, risk management, and win-win negotiation. Managing supplier and customer needs within a complex supply chain, teams will develop an appreciation of the power of good information.

This is a dynamic and thought-provoking trading game that will stimulate and energise any conference programme and generate fresh ideas and new approaches to business. Do your delegates have an eye for detail and opportunity….

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Promote Strategic Thinking
  • Break Down Silo Mentality
  • Cross Functional Communication


“Cerebos Gregg’s have worked with Team Up Events for over 5 years now, and have used them for various team building and brand building exercises and events. They are great at delivering events that not only drive high engagement from the team but they are also able to deliver key company or brand messaging within the event. Stu and his team are proactive in finding different solutions to different briefs and are extremely professional and helpful”

– Cerebos Gregg’s

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